Sequoias have always been my dream. Sequoia National Park is still closed, and it takes almost 5 hours to go there one way, two days off is not enough. After a short search, it turned out that next to us there is a park with rather old and massive trees. One hour drive from home, and we have already plunged into the magical atmosphere of majestic sequoias.

Next to them you feel like a small ant, but you are still involved in this miracle of nature. You walk among these trees, touch them – and energy begins to flow through the body, joy increases, the world becomes even more beautiful.

The forest lives its own life, in which people do not interfere. Each fallen tree remains in its place, sometimes forming natural bridges.

Many old sequoias are overgrown with cobwebs and have a hollow. The hollow is usually of such a size that you can comfortably fit, meditate or hide from the weather

Rivers, creeks and waterfalls fill the forest with beautiful relaxing sounds of water. The rustling of trees, the singing of birds, the murmur of the water all add up in unison and create a forest symphony.

We are greeted by waterfalls of all sizes, from small to large. In each of them, I try to wet my hands, wash my face and neck, feel the living water. Near each waterfall, time slowed down, and we plunged into contemplation of the wonders of nature.

The jets of this waterfall, like girls’ braids, descend down the cliff and create a gentle and sensual atmosphere.

The largest waterfall, where every drop of it is visible, every transition. As a waterfall flows evenly, fills this world with beauty, let each person also bring beauty and creation to our world.

Again, we entered a grove of old sequoias. There was calmness and tranquility inside. The categories of time and space dissolve in such places. A surge of strength appears, thoughts of the high, of the valuable come, a creative stream opens.

As sequoias stretch up to the sky and the sun, so you, Man, strive for light and good.