The next trip to the Tahoe National Forest was not long in coming, we withstood a little more than a month without mountain air and views. This time we decided to visit the forest on the other side and see the Loch Leven chain of lakes. We planned a beautiful route for ourselves for 3 days and that’s what came of it.

Upon arrival at the place, the whole parking lot was full, there wasn’t room to swing a cat, but we got our place.

There was absolutely nothing to go to the lake: only 5 km, on which we gained about 300 m. And the fact that we did not eat for the second day did not bother us at all, there were not even so many who overtook us. From above, wonderful views open up. But there is one BUT: on most of the route, the track is clearly audible, since it is located in the gorge.

The joy lies in the fact that beyond the pass that we passed, not a single sound of cars could be heard, and we found ourselves again among such pleasant sounds of nature.

When we saw the place, we were very happy, because it was aesthetically pleasing, surrounded by a tall forest, good places for a tent were located right next to the water. Wonderful! We chose a royal place for ourselves and ran to swim. Friends, how I love natural sources, they give a tremendous amount of energy! In addition, the water from the mountain lake is very invigorating. And it was so good for us to swim, enjoy the trees, our camping, that we didn’t go anywhere else that day.

The night was starry, and the moon was mysterious and alluring.

How do you feel about it? We loved our camping so much that the next day we decided to stay there and make small hikes. We stopped fasting in the previous evening, we felt great!

During the hike, we visited the remaining lakes of the Loch Leven group. They were also notable for their picturesqueness, aesthetics and good camping places. We would not be us if we had not arranged swimming in the new lakes. Water was as usually invigorating!

On the way every now and then there were flowering plants. After all, spring is still in the mountains, and in full swing. Every time I am struck to the depths of my soul by the plants that grow on stones and rocks. This is the real thirst for life and inner strength! Each person should take an example from them.

On the third day of our journey, it was time to push off. The sun was burning mercilessly. We visited another picturesque lake Salmon. There were already fewer places for tents, although the lake is no less wonderful. We even managed to observe a whole flock of fish there, looking like small catfish.

These are the “small” stones we met on the way. What does it hold on to? This is called balance in life.

We turn around to take a last look at Salmon Lake and continue our descent.

At the bottom, almost before the very parking lot, we passed a Californian summer cottage village. The houses are beautiful, well-groomed, mostly wooden; some of them even have a river with a waterfall. The only thing is that the track spoils all the fun, it is very audible, it is impossible to fully enjoy nature with the constant hum of cars.

So, our trip to the Tahoe National Forest has ended. It filled us with beauty, inspiration and strengthened our connection with Mother Earth.

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