In late May, my husband and I went on a three-day hike to the Tahoe National Forest. We made a loop route starting and ending at Lake Wrights. At that time, there was still quite a lot of snow at an altitude of 2200 m, so we had to abandon the original plan. However, this did not affect our impressions, of which we received a lot!

The paths are legible almost everywhere, lined with stones, so it’s a pleasure to walk!

In the National Forest with a tent, you can camp anywhere. Therefore, we set up camp in the first suitable and pleasant place, as we left quite late. Even here there was still snow here and there, although we gained some more altitude.

Having completed all the work with the arrangement of the camp, we completely plunged into enjoying the sunset and listening to the sounds of nature. It was delightful!

Night descends on our camp. The sky was so starry that I just could not tear myself away, I admired it for several hours.

On the way, we met various waterfalls, streams with murmuring water. The end of May is a great time to travel to this place to contemplate the beginning of spring in the mountains.

This peak accompanied us on our way from different sides, like a watchman of these places.

Climbing a little higher, we found mountains of snow. The path was no longer visible. The higher we climbed, the deeper we sank into the snow, or even met swamps on our way. Therefore, it was decided to turn back and set up camp on the nearest lake.

In places we walked along mountain broadway.

On the way, we came across such man-made steps with drilled holes, and this is at an altitude of almost 2200 m, where there are no roads.

We reached the lake pretty quickly, there were already several companies with a similar history to ours. There was a lot of free time, so I decided to spend it with benefit and went swimming in a mountain lake. There was still some snow and pieces of ice in the lake. The water was invigorating! I received a boost of energy and vivacity for the week ahead!

On the eve of the hike, binoculars were purchased, which I used with big pleaure. I managed to see in detail distant landscapes, trees, unsuspecting birds.

In this camp we were surrounded by rocks on all sides and we could not see the sunset itself. However, the sunset sky here fascinated us with its beauty! It was impossible to take eyes off, it was time of contemplation.

The next day was sunny, warm and beautiful! The road back reminded the Alps.

Snow again! And we do not care about anything!

On the way back one more bathing. It’s impossible without it! The mountain river beckoned to itself. The water in this river matched the mountain lake, but the strength immediately increased.

At the end of our journey, we arrived at Lake Tahoe, after which the National Forest is named. There, serenity, tranquility and beauty awaited us.