Loch Leven Lakes in California – Hike during Fasting

The next trip to the Tahoe National Forest was not long in coming, we withstood a little more than a month without mountain air and views. This time we decided to visit the forest on the other side and see the Loch Leven chain of lakes. We planned a beautiful route for ourselves for 3 days and that’s what came of it.
Upon arrival at the place, the whole parking lot was full, there wasn’t room to swing a cat, but we got our place.

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Hike among the Sequoias

As sequoias stretch up to the sky and the sun, so you, Man, strive for light and good.

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Tahoe National Forest: mountains, lakes, beauty

Three-day hike in the Tahoe National Forest. We made a loop route starting and ending at Lake Wrights and received a lot of impressions!

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Unbelivable beauteful lakes of Belarus

A wonderful journey on the lakes of Vitebsk region, Belarus.

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