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How can I sell my products on OutdoorTours and sign up?

First you need to apply to be a supplier on OutdoorTours. After having checked and approved your details, we will grant you access to the Supplier Administration, so you can start uploading your products to our system.

Who can join?

OutdoorTours works with professional suppliers offering active tours, attractions, seasonal sports, special excursions and workshops & trainings. You’ll need to fill out the application with your company info.

How will I receive my payment?

You receive payment for your bookings minus the commission fees on a monthly basis. The supplier share becomes due at the end of the month and the payment is released on the 5th day of the following month.

How much does it cost to use OutdoorTours?

It’s free to use OutdoorTours! OutdoorTours is only commission based. There are no fixed fees and you only pay a commission fee for your bookings. We will set the commission rate.

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