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Our Story

OutdoorTours unites people who are passionate about nature, adventure, a healthy and active lifestyle. Once we realized that we need to gather as many active people as possible in one place in order to know about the best activities in the world.

We travel a lot, get to know people and study all kinds of activities to find the best guides, select the best active tours, show the beauty of untouched nature.

We are a young, dynamic, actively developing company, which seeks to bring good, positive and healthy lifestyle to this world.

Our goal is to share with you our love for nature and for our native places.

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Our mission

Our mission is to take new heights, share a love of nature and outdoor activities, unite guides and tourists, lovers of active tourism and adventures from around the world.

With burning eyes, an open soul, and fire in our hearts, we

– do the best the benefit of active tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism;

– create a community of guides for active tourism, adventure tourism, ecotourism;

– develop the profession of guides for active tours;

– tear people from sofas and dip them into ADVENTURES.



Local guides passionate about their places and nature.



The most beauteful places on our planet.



The most exciting destinations you've ever visited.



Our clients trust us and return to outdoortours.net.

"I am passionate about nature and active outdoor tours that is why I've decided to create a community of likeminded people from all over the world and share our passion with you."

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